Whistleblower Policy

At Tangany GmbH we support every national and international effort to combat the violation of unethical or illegal conduct. The aim of our whistleblowing policy is to improve law enforcement by establishing an effective, confidential and secure communication channel and effectively protecting whistleblowers from sanctions while enabling corporate management to clarify any grievance, respond to an identified breach of duty and mitigate the risk of recurrence.


You can submit a report about any irregular behavior that is punishable by law or subject to a fine, such as:

  • bribery

  • bullying

  • corruption

  • data protection violations

  • discrimination

  • disparaging behavior

  • embargo/sanctions violations

  • embezzlement

  • insider trading/ manipulation

  • money laundering 

  • (sexual) harassment

  • retaliation

  • tax offenses

  • theft/ fraud

This also includes the violations of internal company guidelines and regulations as well as ethical rules. Please add any attachments that you feel may contribute to a disclosure. All reports will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. However, the identity of a whistleblower who intentionally or grossly negligently reports inaccurate information about offenses shall not be protected.


After your submission of a report, Tangany GmbH will send a confirmation of receipt of the report within seven (7) days to you. This is followed by an initial review and an initiated internal investigation. Once the investigation has been completed and a decision has been made, you will be informed within three (3) months about the measures taken and the outcome of the investigation. 


You can submit your report via email to whistleblower@tangany.com or by mail to the following address: 

Tangany GmbH
Brienner Str. 53
80333 München