Funds & Asset Managers

Expand into new markets and add new asset classes to your portfolio with the Tangany Suite.

Expand your asset classes with confidence and security

Funds and asset managers are increasingly turning to digital assets as a means of diversification, but they need a secure custodial solution to ensure the safety and integrity of their investments.

Tangany's crypto custody solution offers a reliable and secure option for funds and asset managers to store and manage their digital assets, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Enter new markets and investments

  • Better governance: By utilizing Tangany's digital asset custodial services, ensure that your digital assets are being governed in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • More transparency: Tangany's platform offers a high level of transparency, providing greater accountability and trust in the asset management process.

  • New asset classes: Expand your offerings, diversify your holdings and access new growth potential through the digital asset market.

  • Issue ETPs: Issuers of exchange-traded products (ETPs) of digital assets, such as Bitcoin ETPs, require a custodian to hold the backed assets securely. Tangany provides secure custodial services, ensuring that the ETP is backed by the exact amount of digital assets required.

  • Higher regulatory security: Tangany’s licenses allow operation in the EU & German market minimizing time-to-market and the risk of non-compliance.

  • More trust: Build trust with clients and investors through Tangany as a regulated and audited entity, ensuring all digital assets are being held securely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Unmatched functionality for managing your digital assets

  1. Multi-currency: A wide range of cryptocurrencies is supported, allowing you to invest in digital assets with ease.

  2. Scalability: Tangany's solution is designed to scale with your needs in mind, no matter how large or complex the digital asset portfolio.

  3. Flexiblility: Tangany's modular approach allows you to select the specific features you need, to manage your digital assets effectively.

  4. Compliance: Tangany's platform is regulated by the German BaFin, undergoes regular audits, and is fully compliant with all regulations and industry standards.

Protect your assets with cutting-edge security

Maximum security: Tangany's crypto custody platform is designed to meet the highest security standards.  Eliminating central points of failure, Tangany utilizes a multi-layered security architecture with banking-grade encryption.

360° Insurance: Tangany sets the standard in leading insurance protection for API wallets, providing clients peace of mind knowing that they are protected against hacks, bugs, and fraud.

Save time and costs with Tangany's managed wallets

  • Fast setup: Tangany's managed wallet setup provides a time and cost-efficient option to securely integrate and manage digital assets.

  • Fast integration: Integrating our managed wallet solution into your system is a fast and seamless process.

  • Reduced complexity: Tangany's managed wallet solution eliminates technical barriers, making digital asset management accessible, regardless of technical expertise.

  • Managed by Tangany operations experts: Our team of experts manages all wallets, providing you with the assurance, that all digital assets are in safe hands.

Stay on top of the financial markets 
and bring digital assets to your customers