Unlock the market of the future by powering your platform with the Tangany Suite.

Access a billion-euro market through investment services in crypto and digital assets.

Advantages for you:

  1. Avoid risks by trusting a battle-tested setup, proven and matured over several years

  2. Gain full flexibility in managing your own revenue streams (spreads, staking share, etc.)

  3. Maintain control by using APIs for  seamless integration into your platform

  4. Be ready for fast adoption of new digital asset classes, such as tokenized real assets

  5. Work with the only German custodian with a digital asset insurance

Advantages for your customers:

  1. Offer your customers up to 250 cryptocurrency trading pairs

  2. Enable real-time accounting, allowing customers to close positions at any time

  3. Ensure compliant deposits and withdrawals in accordance with MiCA

  4. Let customers earn interest on their cryptocurrencies with staking

  5. Allow customers to trade against their FIAT balance (Euro, Pound, Dollar and more)

We believe in segregation of custody and trading

Segregation of duties

  • Enhanced security through segregation of custody and trading

  • Specialized partners for designated tasks

  • Battle-tested setup (400 million EUR in monthly trading volume)


  • Fastest time to market through outsourced custody and trading

  • BaFin-approved setup, fully compliant within the EU

  • Out-of-the-box processes for reconciliation and settlement

  • Largest coverage of cryptocurrency trading pairs

  • Trading against the Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc, or Pound

Seamless integration with your platform

The API-first approach of the Tangany Suite makes it easy for neobrokers to integrate digital assets into existing platforms. All Tangany's APIs are well documented, developer-friendly, and provide you with the flexibility to customize the integration to meet your specific needs. Our technical support ensures a smooth integration process.

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