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Custodian Wallet Infrastructure

Build applications that are loved by your customers. We help you and your development team to create stunning Blockchain-based applications – no matter whether it’s a legacy or new system. Powered by our Custody Infrastructure Suite.


Our wallets leverage latest HSM technology which is signed by FIPS140-2. An US-governmental and banking standard.



Our technology aims to provide developer and users the highest-possible usability. Highest user experience guaranteed.



Create as many custody wallets as you need. We ensure the best-possible safety of all Private Keys in your KeyVault.

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Blockchain API Solution

Let us handle the complexity of Blockchain, while you focus on your field of expertise. Tangany is the layer between your application and the Blockchain. Your application connects via our unified Blockchain API to our system. The system provides all needed features that usually come with Blockchain. 

Regulatory Safety (AML & GDPR)

Modern Insurances Coverage

100% Made in Germany

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Full Integration Compatibility

We have more than 6,000 wallets under custody

Reach out to our to sales team to learn more about the capability of Tangany. Our solution works in any sector and for all use cases. We show you how to save months of development time and with that project budget.

Our Product Suite

The Tangany platform consists of four modules. Each one is uniquely designed to simplify the implementation and usage of Blockchain technology. Everything bundles into one powerful and standardized Blockchain API. You are free to only use the modules which suits your need the best. 


Wallet as a Service

Create as many online wallets as you need via API. The wallets guarantee a high availability and low execution times. It’s designed for frequently used wallets.

Cold Custody Wallet

Save crypto assets safely in your offline wallet. The wallet is managed by our institutional banking partner. Transfer as you like between the online and offline wallets.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service runs your own private Blockchain. We setup and maintain the Blockchain and connect it to our platform. You give it a fancy (marketing) name.


Regulation (KYC)

We take regulation serious – and so should you. Use our tools (such as user identity check, known as KYC) to be fully compliant with EU regulation.

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