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Custodian Wallet Infrastructure

Build applications that are loved by your customers. We help you and your development team to create stunning blockchain-based applications – no matter whether it’s a legacy or new system. 


All wallets leverage latest HSM technology which is signed by FIPS140-2. An US-governmental and banking standard.



Our technology provides developers and customers the highest-possible usability.  No blockchain knowledge is required.



The solution is fully white-labelled and can be used within any system. Provide your customers a reliable product without development.

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Blockchain Custody Solution

Let us handle the complexity of blockchain, while you focus on your field of expertise. Tangany is the layer between your application and blockchain. The system provides all features that usually come with blockchain. 

Regulatory Safety (AML & GDPR)

Modern Insurances Coverage

100% Made in Germany

Full White-Label Solution

Digital Assets and Security Tokens

More Than 6,000 Wallets Under Custody

Reach out to our to sales team to learn more about the capability of Tangany. Our solution works in any sector and for all use cases. We show you how to save months of development time and with that project budget.

White-Label Custody


White-Label Wallet

We provide a full functional white-label wallet which can be used swiftly for any use case. All your customers get an unique wallet to deposit and withdraw.

The wallet can be customized with your company logo, your CI colors and even more.

Be the face to your customers and give them a modern solution for digital assets.

Developer Blockchain API

We believe that digital custody for blockchain should be integrated in the background of a service.

That is why we obsessively create our unique API which can be used by any software engineer – even without blockchain knowledge.

It’s robust, scalable and flexible for integrations as we eliminated needless complexity

API Picture
Blockchain Connectors

Blockchain Connectors

The technical usage of blockchain can still be a bit challenging. Luckily, we have the solution for those  hurdles.

Our innovative connector infrastructure allows you to easily leverage different public and private blockchains with one unified access.

Work with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains. Your required blockchain is missing? Just reach out to us.

Run Your Own Blockchain

We love to use public blockchains. Yet, some use cases require the usage of a private blockchains which is operated by a specific entity.

A private blockchain allows to control access to it and the level of transparency. Plus, network fees are usually set to zero to avoid transaction costs.

We are happy to identify and consult on the best blockchain solution for your use case.

More Than Custody

Need More Than Custody?

Tangany is the reliable solution for custody of digital assets such as crypto-currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether), stable-coins (e.g Tether) and (asset-backed) security tokens (STO).

We have created a high-quality network of partners when it comes to other tasks like:

  • Regulatory frameworks for issuance
  • Issuance of tokens
  • Mediation of tokens
  • Secondary markets for tokens

Our experts can recommend you the fitting ecosystem for your use case.


Unlimited HSM Wallets

Create as many warm HSM (Hardware Security Module) wallets as you need. The wallets guarantee a high availability and low execution times. It’s designed for frequently used wallets.

Storage of Digital Assets

Store tokenized assets within your wallets. From cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, ERC20 token) to digitalised assets (e.g. asset-backed tokens, stable-coins).

Transaction Designer

We will create efficient and fast transaction for all connected blockchains. Just submit information about sender, recipient and amount. We will take care of the rest. 

Powerful Open Source SDKs

We provide you ready-to-use SDKs for a simplified usage of our universal API. We currently support mainly JavaScript, if you need another language, just let us know.

Bitcoin Native SegWit

All created Bitcoin wallets automatically support native SegWit standard. This ensures lowest network fees for transactions and state-of-the-art wallets.

Support of all Smart Contracts

It doesn’t matter whether you are using ERC20 or ERC777 tokens or even customized smart contracts. We offer universal support for all kind of smart contracts.

Gas Tank for Ethereum

Use our Ethereum Gas Tank to empower token transactions from wallets without Ether. Our Gas Tank will automatically fuel your wallet up to pay network fees.

Nonce Handling for Ethereum

Send as many transactions from a single wallet as needed. We take care of the nonce issue and make sure, that no transaction is skipped on Ethereum.

Own Node Infrastructure

All nodes (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) are operated and maintained by us. That way, we are able to guarantee a high availability without bottlenecks.

Hosted in EU & Germany

All resources – including our HSM Key Vaults – are hosted in the European Union or even in Germany upon requirement. That includes best-possible latency.

Multi-Language Support

We provide top-notch dedicated multi-language support. Get your own contact person and use our 24/7 online resources for many questions.

Reliable as it should be

Tangany is your reliable white-label custody provider. We stand for technical and regulatory state-of-the-art products with high usability.

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