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"Partnering with Tangany has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and meet the growing demand from our customers for digital asset services. The Tangany Suite provides us with a secure and reliable solution to be able to offer first-class access to digital assets. Tangany has been an invaluable partner as we navigate the evolving digital asset market."
Raphael NeubergerLead Digital Assets, V-Bank

Tangany Suite

Bridge the gap with technical confidence and regulatory security

Access the world of digital assets with ease, leveraging the technical and regulatory framework of Tangany.

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The world of Blockchains
  • Highest quality and compliance standards

  • Adaptive to regulation and market

  • API-based: maintained and secure

  • Core Custody Solution

    Our Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) core custody solution offers maximum security and flexibility for your digital assets.

    • Highest level of security

      Ensured through multiple layers of security, as well as HSM- and MPC-secured wallets managed by Tangany's team of experts.

    • API-first for seamless integration

      Automated access via API for real-time and 24/7 transaction execution. Easy integration into external systems.

    • 90% of crypto market value supported

      From Bitcoin, Ethereum or any EVM blockchain to 100% compatibility with the decentralized finance market.

    • 100% white-label solutions

      Remain the face to your customers while Tangany stays in the background.

    • Modular and flexible

      Ultimate flexibility and customization to fit your unique needs and unlock the full potential of your business.

    • All Smart Contracts and EVM blockchains

      Our solution supports storage for crypto, tokenized assets, NFTs and all Smart Contracts.

  • Crypto Accounting

    Integrate full bookkeeping for digital assets with our sophisticated offchain accounting (settlement) for your customers when storing assets in omnibus setups.

    • Comprehensive accounting solution

      Import all information into your core banking system or other software by only reading final information.

    • Supports all types of digital assets

      Create digital assets (cryptos, tokenized assets, NFTs, etc.) and update user balances accordingly.

    • Manage your customers assets

      View historic information on balances and transactions for each end-customer.

  • Crypto Securities Registry

    Fast and efficient emission of electronic securities while Tangany manages the register and legal obligations.

    • Entirely digital process

      The new "Elektronisches Wertpapiergesetz" (eWpG) means no more paper certification and for tokenization projects, an emission according to the eWpG is like a seal of approval.

    • Greater legal certainty

      As the registrar, Tangany is responsible for ensuring that all legal regulations are complied with and that the required information is stored in the register.

    • Decentralized register through smart contracts

      It enables automated, transparent and secure record-keeping which reduces the need for intermediaries and improves efficiency.

  • Customer Compliance

    Our integrated solution makes the implementation of customer compliance an efficient and convient process. Any partner using our custodial services can assign their end users a unique identity, which follows a stringent KYC process.

    • Reliance model based sharing of information

      All information is based on your data. No additional actions by end-customers are necessary when sharing KYC and PEP information.

    • Assign wallets to one or multiple end-users

      Upload end-customer KYC and PEP data in accordance with AML requirements.

    • Central administration of your end-customers

      Assign wallets to one or multiple end-users.

  • Fully Regulated and Compliant

    Tangany is regulated by the German BaFin and holds the Crypto Custody (Kryptoverwahrlizenz) and Crypto Security Registrar (Krypotwertpapierregisterführer) licenses.

    • EU & German markets

      Leverage our fully regulated and licensed solutions to operate with confidence in the German & EU market.

    • 360° Insurance

      Backed by a leading global reinsurance group against theft, fraud and hacking attacks.

    • 100% Made in Germany

      Headquartered in Munich, all of our solutions are engineered in Germany.

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