Enter the digital asset market, leverage blockchain technology, and tap into new opportunities for faster, more efficient, and more secure transactions.

Embrace digital transformation and enter the digital asset market

After going through a substantial digital change over the past decade, more and more corporations are embracing digital assets and blockchain technology as they aim to both streamline their operations and reduce costs while also investing in a growing asset class.

The Tangany Suite is with a highly secure platform to manage digital assets and meet the specific needs of this industry, including scalability, flexibility and seamless integration with existing systems.

Leverage digital assets to engage with customers in new and exciting ways

  • Increased security: Our solution uses advanced security measures to protect digital assets from theft or loss.

  • Simplified treasury management: Tangany's solution provides businesses with a streamlined way to manage their digital assets alongside their other assets, reducing the complexity of treasury management.

  • Access to emerging asset classes: With support for NFTs and other emerging asset classes, Tangany's solution allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and explore new investment opportunities.

  • Reduced risk: Tangany's solution helps corporations to reduce the risk associated with managing digital assets, including the risk of theft, loss, or mismanagement.

  • Improved efficiency: Smart contracts can automate processes, reducing the need for intermediaries and streamlining operations.

  • Reduced costs: Save on transaction costs, eliminate intermediaries and streamline processes, resulting in significant cost savings.

Utilize Tangany's solution to stay ahead of the curve

  1. Scalable: Tangany's solution is designed to scale with your needs in mind, no matter how large or complex the digital asset portfolio.

  2. Flexible: Tangany's modular approach allows you to select the specific features you need, to manage your digital assets effectively.

  3. Multi-currency: A wide range of cryptocurrencies is supported, allowing you to invest in digital assets with ease.

  4. API Integration: Tangany's solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing corporate systems, enabling you to manage digital assets alongside other assets.

  5. NFT Support: One of the core features includes support for NFTs, allowing corporations to invest in this emerging asset class.

Strengthen customer loyalty and drive engagement

Utilize Smart Contracts: Harness the capabilities of smart contracts and wallet services to create groundbreaking use cases such as the minting, burning, management, and transfer of NFTs.

Unlock the Metaverse: These capabilities are critical in unlocking the potential of the metaverse economy, boosting customer loyalty, and driving engagement.

Trustworthy data collection: Collecting and storing data through the blockchain provides a transparent and immutable record of transactions, making it easier to track and verify the authenticity of data.

Security is Tangany's priority

Comprehensive 360° insurance: Tangany sets the standard in leading insurance protection for API wallets, providing clients peace of mind knowing that they are protected against hacks, bugs, and fraud.

Maximum Security: By utilizing FIPS 140-2 certified HSM encryption and a MPC environment, our multi-layered security architecture eliminates central points of failure and provides ultimate security.

Simplify treasury management, reduce complexity and improve efficiency

The Tangany Suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems via API, allowing you to manage your digital assets alongside your other assets.

Stay on top of the financial markets 
and bring digital assets to your customers