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Smart Contract Custody

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Secure your Smart Contracts with the Tangany Suite

Smart contracts have become a popular way to automate and execute transactions on the blockchain. However, with their increasing complexity, there have been many instances of smart contract hacks, resulting in significant financial losses for individuals and businesses. In addition, many users have also lost access to their private keys, leaving their assets locked up and irretrievable.

Move the key liability to Tangany to secure storage and management of private keys, ensuring regulatory compliance.

With the Tangany Suite, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their assets are safe, secure, and compliant with industry regulations.

Protect yourself, your users, and your Smart Contract

  • Move liability: Tangany Custody Suite enables clients to move key liability to a secure custodian, minimizing the risk of key loss or theft.

  • Maximum security: Clients can enjoy maximum security for their smart contracts, with Tangany implementing robust security measures to protect against attacks and breaches.

  • Flexible: Clients can access their smart contracts directly via Tangany for any necessary changes or updates.

  • Minimize risk: With Tangany's Smart Contract Custody Suite, you can minimize the risk of losing your private keys and compromising the security of your smart contracts.

  • Every EVM Smart Contract: Tangany's Custody Suite is compatible with every EVM Smart Contract, including tokenized assets and NFT smart contracts, making it easy for you to use regardless of your industry or use case.

  • Utilize APIs or cold wallet to store keys: Our Smart Contract Custody Suite provides options to store your private keys securely using APIs or cold wallets, depending on your specific needs.

Three steps to ease of mind

  1. Deploy your Smart Contract.

  2. Create your wallet with Tangany (API or cold wallet).

  3. Transfer ownership of the contract to Tangany.

To learn more about how Tangany can help protect your smart contracts, contact us today to schedule a call.


Checkout our FAQs

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  • What is Smart Contract Custody?

    You create and deploy your Smart Contract and transfer ownership of the contract to Tangany afterwards. Tangany takes complete responsibility for the safekeeping of the key.

  • Can I still access my Smart Contract after transferring ownership to Tangany?

    Yes, you can still access and make changes to your Smart Contract. However, you will have to contact Tangany, as the intermediary first.

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