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Create and issue digital tokens through Tangany or one of our partners while we guarantee secure storage.

Unlock the potential of tokenization

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets have gained popularity as investment vehicles due to their unique features, such as transparency, security and ease of transfer. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in tokenizing real-world assets and crypto securities, which are digital representations of traditional securities that are issued and traded on a blockchain.

The Tangany Suite offers a range of capabilities that enable clients to tokenize their assets, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and manage their digital assets efficiently.

At Exporo, we're proud to have Tangany as our trusted partner for real estate tokenization. With over 25,000 customers, Tangany has proven their expertise in securely managing digital assets on the blockchain. What sets Tangany apart is their seamless integration of blockchain technology, which remains invisible in the background, while offering significant cost reductions, up to 75%, compared to traditional industry practices. Thanks to Tangany's innovative solution, we can confidently offer our clients the benefits of blockchain-based investing.
Patrick HartmannHead of Operations & Compliance, Exporo

Innovate and revolutionize capital markets

  • Revamp traditional capital markets: Create new asset classes that cater to the evolving needs and demands of your clients.

  • Discover new possibilities and increased liquidity: The tokenization process involves converting ownership rights into digital tokens. This enables fractional ownership, while increasing liquidity and providing access to a global investor base.

  • Create and issue tokens: The Tangany Suite allows clients to create and issue digital tokens that represent ownership of assets, such as real estate, stocks and commodities.

Tokenized securities made easy

  1. Experience a hassle-free way of issuing tokenized bonds, equities, fund certificates, collaterals and other structured products for your business.

  2. Provide investors with a new way to access investment opportunities, through tokenization, including those that were previously illiquid or unavailable.

  3. Reduce the need for intermediaries and increase transparency. Digital tokens offer faster, cheaper and more secure settlement.

  4. Maintain control over your blockchain and tokenization process while leveraging the security and functionality of Ethereum.

Operate under Tangany’s license umbrella

AML & KYC compliance: Tangany ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), by implementing strict identity verification and monitoring procedures.

  1. Submit KYC data directly via Tangany’s API. 

  2. Get access to a database of verified users by Tangany, fulfilling all AML & regulatory KYC requirements.

  3. Benefit from real-time monitoring of transactions to detect and prevent illicit activities.

Smart tokenization for any asset

  • Maximize the potential of your assets with our comprehensive smart contract management framework that can digitize both bankable and non-bankable assets.

  • Transform the way you think about value by creating, storing, and easily transferring NFTs that represent various assets such as art, music, collectibles and more.

  • Digitize value with NFTs.

Effortless token lifecycle management

From start to finish, we provide complete support for all aspects of smart contract deployment and management.

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Checkout our FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions and get the information you need in our FAQ section.

  • Is Tangany able to store security tokens?

    Our regulated custody suite supports custody for any token type issued on an EVM-compatible protocol.

  • What is the most commonly used wallet infrastructure for tokenization?

    Depending on the use case and target group, the majority of tokenization projects utilize our segregated wallet infrastructure. Segregated infrastructure allows for maximum flexibility and interoperability.

  • Can I emit a standard security token or only the new crypto security under the electronic securities act?

    Being the first preliminarily licensed crypto security registrar under BaFin, Tangany is offering registrar services in conjunction with our regulated custody suite for crypto security issuances. Feel free to reach out to our business development team for further information.

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