DigiShares partners with Tangany on Custody for Security Tokens

Martin Kreitmair

Chief Executive Officer, Tangany

DigiShares and Tangany enters into a partnership such that DigiShares can offer Tangany’s white-label custody solution to its customers.

DigiShares provides a leading white-label tokenization solution for real estate and other assets that is offered to real estate developers and asset managers in order to digitize and automate their processes related to financing, corporate management, and trading of their assets. As part of the process, DigiShares’ white-label partners will issue security tokens backed by the underlying assets. These security tokens can now be kept in safe custody with Tangany.

Tangany is a German crypto custodian whose service has been used by corporates and institutions for various use cases as a white-label solution since 2018. This mainly focuses on tokenization projects, institutional investors, and asset managers such as crypto services. The company is preliminarily regulated as a German crypto custodian under § 64y KwG (German Banking Act). The Custody Suite, which is used by more than 25 clients, offers highly flexible solutions for different business cases. Be it for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or for the issuance of security tokens.

The benefit of Tangany’s solution is obvious for Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares A/S: “Tangany is among the European market-leaders for custody of tokenized assets. So, we are very happy to announce this collaboration and are looking forward to many joint tokenization projects.”

DigiShares aims to launch the first project on Tangany’s custody platform within the next few weeks.

About DigiShares A/S

DigiShares provides white label solutions for security token issuance, corporate management, and trading. We work with real estate developers, asset managers, and investment fund managers who are interested in more efficient ways of raising capital and managing investors in their fund or project. Through the DigiShares platform, company shares and other assets can be digitized and issued as tokens on the blockchain. Tokenization offers the benefit of immediate settlement, round-the-clock trading, increased access to international investors, complete transparency, and increased liquidity.



Claus Skaaning, info@digishares.io

About Tangany GmbH

Tangany is a white label custodian for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Security Tokens. This service has been offered since 2018 at the highest technical level and always in compliance with the regulation. Tangany specializes in finance, tokenization, and crypto markets. The product is being used by more than 25 clients from the named sectors. The company was recently awarded the prestigious FinTech Germany Award 2020.



Martin Kreitmair, info@tangany.com, +49 (0)89 9982095–70


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