CM-Equity AG and Tangany GmbH partner for joint custody solution

Martin Kreitmair

Chief Executive Officer, Tangany

CM-Equity AG and Tangany GmbH partner for joint custody solution

In a joint product, Tangany’s technical strength is combined with CM-Equity’s experience as a digital asset manager with market access to the largest digital asset markets in the world.

The product “CM-EQUITY | TANGANY” combines the capabilities of both cooperation partners and enables professional investors to access digital assets on their own or by outsourcing to CM-Equity. The digital assets are thereby held in custody with the highest possible security. CM-Equity has been supporting clients with investments in various asset classes for almost two decades and, as a regulated institution, brings the necessary expertise to make cryptocurrencies as well as security tokens accessible to this target group.

Tangany is a German crypto custodian whose service has been used by companies and institutions for various use cases as a white-label solution since 2018. The company has also been a regulated financial services institution since 2020. Tangany’s technology makes it easy and secure to interact with the blockchain and crypto assets. Be it for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or also for the issuance of so-called security tokens.

Customers can thus take advantage of an all-round carefree package: a high-quality infrastructure through complementary partners, as well as a flexible and individual product solution to invest in and manage crypto assets.

At the start of the cooperation, our infrastructure solution has already convinced the first customers to entrust us with the custody of crypto assets in the 8-digit euro volume. Customers are free to choose whether to store their crypto assets in a highly available warm wallet or in a highly secure cold wallet.

About CM-Equity AG

CM-Equity is a 19 years young financial institution from Munich, regulated according to §32 KWG. Early on, CM-Equity has been a pioneer in the field of digital asset management. With a fully licensed, interfaced capital market infrastructure platform for digital assets for companies, FinTechs and investors, CM-Equity has become one of the most sought-after players in the digital asset market in Germany and Europe. The company aims to make the new digital capital markets 4.0 accessible to all, offering innovative and regulatory compliant access to the most liquid trading venues while providing the most secure custody.

Contact CM-Equity
Philipp Hartmannsgruber, , +49 (0)173 6883866

About Tangany GmbH

Tangany is a white label custodian for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Security Tokens. This service has been offered since 2018 at the highest technical level and always in compliance with the regulation. Tangany specializes in finance, tokenization, and crypto markets. The company was recently awarded the prestigious FinTech Germany Award 2020.

Contact Tangany

Martin Kreitmair, , +49 (0)89 9982095–73


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