Tangany API Suite 2.0

Marcel Nellesen

Chief Product Officer, Tangany

Release of Tangany API Suite 2.0

Official release date: 24/04/2023

At the beginning of March, we announced the official beta phase of our new API Suite 2.0. Thanks to the valuable feedback of many partners and contributors, we have implemented optimizations and made some final touches.

From the 24/04/2023 the use of Tangany API Suite 2.0 is available for production environments.

New partners who have already used the Partner Portal and API version 2 via our sandbox can use all our services productively by contacting our application support. The major change for all Tangany APIs is the switch from subscription-based authentication to OAuth2 authentication. For more information especially about the changes to the individual APIs take a look at the origin announcement and our official API documentation at docs.tangany.com.

Migrate from API version 1 to version 2

A Migration will be necessary for all long-term partners currently working productively with Tangany API version 1.x.x (v1). Our aim here is to work with each partner to prepare a secure and stable path for migrating partner applications to the version 2 (v2) world without downtime. We have developed a migration concept enabling each partner to make a guided transition.

Migration steps:

  1. Talk to your Key Account Manager or Application Support Engineer or contact Tangany support to get your account for the Tangany Partner Portal.

  2. Create a sandbox workspace, your API subscriptions, and API Accesses.

  3. Update your application code to be compatible with v2.

  4. Plan your release and inform us of your estimated release date. We will create a new v2 workspace and subscriptions for you and start synchronizing your data from v1. Once we have prepared this for you, you can release and use v2 at any time.

  5. Create your productive API Access, use it in your application, and release your application.

Important: Note that you should not do any write operations to v1 after you've started using v2. Otherwise, you may have conflicting changes with v2.

Do you want to migrate immediately and go live with v2 tomorrow?

Please give us some time as we want to ensure that every partner is taken care of professionally and qualitatively to avoid any issues. Therefore, we have established a waiting list for partners who contact us during step 1, and your dedicated contact person will keep you informed throughout the process.

Deprecation of version 1

Official shutdown date: 30/11/2023

With the go-live of Tangany API-Suite 2.0, we also announce the deprecation of Custody API v1, Settlement API v1, and Customers API v1.

We will still support those and keep them running until 30/11/2023.

From 01/12/2023 Custody API v1, Settlement API v1, and Customers API v1 will not be accessible anymore.
Therefore, we ask all partners still using v1 to plan and implement the changeover to v2 as early as possible.


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