Release Notes Tangany Suite 1.8

Alexey Utin

Chief Technology Officer, Tangany

We are happy to announce our latest version of the Tangany Suite. With 1.8 we are bringing new, exciting features, introducing further usability enhancements, and double down on improving the overall performance and reliability. Take a look at some of the highlights below and do not forget to check out our full changelog for a complete picture

Transaction Monitoring

Get automatically notified about balance changes and always stay informed about relevant transactions via webhook-based transaction monitors. Instead of polling transaction statuses manually it is now possible to receive automatic notifications whenever incoming and outgoing transactions interact with one of your monitored wallets.

Tailor the monitoring experience to your needs by making use of a wide array of available monitoring configuration options. For example, you can get only notified about incoming transactions that spent above certain threshold gas and after the block 12244000

Received monitoring webhook as seen on

Take a deep dive into our Transaction Monitoring feature with our newest tutorial and learn how it can benefit your specific scenario.

We release Transaction Monitoring as a limited beta (opt-in) and will continue improving it based on usage data and customer feedback. Connect with our customer support to apply for beta-access for your subscription

Wallet tagging

Add user-defined data as key-value pairs to new and existing wallets. Up to 10 tags are supported per wallet.

Find wallets tagged with certain keys using the ?tag query parameter in the new GET /wallets endpoint. Exclude certain tags from the search using the ?xtag query

Pass multiple queries to further confine the search results: ?tag=some-tag&tag=and-this-tag&xtag=not-this-tag

Use the new PATCH /wallet/:wallet endpoint to assign tags to existing wallets. Optionally pass the application/json-patch+json header and a RFC JSON Patch body to add, remove or modify certain wallet tags atomically.

Pass the Etag header value returned in the wallet resource via the If-Match header to prevent from updating outdated resources. If the underlying wallet resource has been modified from the expected model state, the call will be rejected with 412 Precondition Failed

Convert universal smart contract calls to data

Convert Ethereum smart contract call to hexadecimal data via the smart contract estimation endpoint POST /eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/estimate-fee

The result data can be used for verification purposes. Another possible use case is to employ it for smart contract interactions via the data interface:

Using the converted hex data in data transaction
Complete data transaction as seen on Etherscan

Ethereum custom networks whitelisting

Custom Ethereum network URLs provided via the tangany-ethereum-network are now explicitly required to be whitelisted via customer support ticket to be used for RPC access in API calls. Invocation attempts for non-whitelisted custom networks are now declined with a 400 error response

This is a mandatory security enhancement that minimizes the risks of unauthorized access to customer’s private networks. For existing customers, an automatic zero-downtime migration was performed before the release making sure no further action is required to continue accessing legacy custom networks

Ethereum transaction performance

We fine-tuned our async Eth transaction engine and greatly enhanced the transaction per wallet ratio by utilizing smart nonce caching. Async Ethereum endpoints now send faster and more reliably enabling wallets to process batches of simultaneous transactions to empower high-volume traffic applications on public and private networks.

At the same time, the common Ethereum idiosyncrasy of overlapping transaction nonces in such rapid-sending scenarios which often causes lost, canceled, or unknown transactions is now dramatically reduced. In fact, it is now possible to simultaneously send dozens of asynchronous Ethereum transactions (e.g via POST /eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/send-async) from a single wallet without bothering about losing even a single one due to a non-unique nonce assignment

Simultaneously sending 25 Ethereum Tx from a single wallet and awaiting confirmation

As always, check out the complete changelog at and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our newest developments


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