Release Notes Tangany Custody API (WaaS) 1.12

Christian Emmert

Software Developer, Tangany

We are thrilled to announce our most recent update 1.12. This release introduces some fantastic new features, quality-of-life improvements, and fixes.

Let's walk through the most exciting features together and for those of you who want to dig deeper, as always you can check out the entire Changelog for this release.

Table of content

  • New features

  • Improvements and fixes

New features

List request statuses

Use GET /requests to retrieve a list of statuses of all current and past asynchronous operations, or use query parameters to filter the list for your needs. Every request includes information about its configuration, computed properties, and output. You can even get purged requests!
As such, this feature makes it even easier to track all sent requests of a wallet and keep an overview.

Sign Ethereum message

This is another step toward the goal of enabling you to authenticate yourself inDeFi applications by using Tangany Wallets. For applications that require a signed message for authentication, you can now use
POST /eth/wallet/{wallet}/sign to sign an arbitrary payload with the wallet’s private key.

Introduce transaction threshold clearance

Once enabled, all transactions exceeding a predefined USD value limit must be manually confirmed by the Tangany transaction approval team before being transmitted to the blockchain. Tangany typically handles transaction approvals in the time frame of two business days. This feature can be enabled on an account basis via a customer service request.

Switch to new Ethereum testnet goerli

With the successful merge of the Ethereum network and the coming deactivation of the Ropsten testnet we added goerli as the new testnet for the Ethereum network and deprecated ropsten . This means we highly suggest you switch to goerli in your applications as well.

Support EIP-1559 transactions on Polygon

With our WaaS release 1.9 we introduced support for Ethereum EIP-1559 transactions on public Ethereum networks such as mainnet and goerli . With this release, we added support for “Type-2” transactions onpolygon and Polygon Mumbai custom RPCs.

Enrich status properties when getting transaction status

We heard your feedback about getting more contextual data about a transaction. Now when requesting GET /btc/transaction/:hash you get additionally the date and time the transaction was broadcasted to the network, the total input, output amount, and fees of the transaction.
For GET /eth/transaction/:hash we also added the gas amount provided by the sender and the gas price.

Improvements and fixes

  • Increased the polling duration for asynchronous operations to 30 days

  • Improved retry handling

  • Enriched error messages returned by the API

  • Changed support of protocols accepted as webhook.url of an Ethereum monitor to https only

  • Improved the security of Cookies set

  • Fixed error related to the set Ethereum gas price which resulted in Invalid data type: tangany-ethereum-gas-price must be 0 or a positive integer

  • Fixed errors related to Ethereum Gas Tank funded transactions

For a more detailed and technical overview of all the changes we made, we refer to our Changelog.


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