Release Notes 1.5

Martin Kreitmair

Chief Executive Officer, Tangany

Release Notes 1.5

Until now, Tangany Custody Suite was mainly focused on write access to blockchains. That included the creation of new wallets and the execution of transactions and smart contract interactions. With the release of 1.5, we add the complementary read functionality to it.

The Read API allows all clients and partners to easily read the history of wallets and smart contracts on Ethereum. With that, the solution supports all major types of interaction with blockchain. Everything with one unified API solution.

Please note, the Read API is released as Beta and is only available for unlocked accounts. Unlocking can be done by the Tangany Support Team, please reach out.


  • [Beta] Explore Ethereum transactions via GET /eth/transactions and GET /eth/wallet/:wallet/transactions

  • [Beta] Explore Ethereum smart contract events via GET /eth/contract/:contract/events and query individual events via GET /eth/transaction/:hash/event/:index

  • Estimate Ethereum transaction fees via POST /eth/wallet/:wallet/estimate-fee and POST /eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/estimate-fee

  • Support new custom header tangany-ethereum-gas to enforce user-defined gas amount for Ethereum transactions

  • Support new custom header tangany-ethereum-nonce to enforce given nonce in Ethereum transactions

  • Examine the current status of our backend node clusters via GET /eth/status and GET /btc/status


  • Enhance GET /eth/transaction/:hash to return more relevant transaction data

  • Add blockHash property to GET /btc/hash/:hash


  • Improve the error message when sending less than 1 wei in an Ethereum transaction

  • Return 404 for unknown async request ids via GET /request/{id}

  • Fix a rare case where blockNr property is missing from the GET /btc/transaction/:hash response

  • Fix ancient Ethereum transactions being reported as erroneous


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