Release Notes 1.4

Martin Kreitmair

Chief Executive Officer, Tangany

Release Notes 1.4

Tangany Custody Blockchain Service

In the last months, we were busy developing many exciting features that we are releasing today with API 1.4.

This post will give a basic overview of all changes introduced in our new update. In the following days, we are planning on publishing a series of blog posts that will explain the functionality in greater detail.

Asynchronous Requests

We have integrated support for asynchronous API endpoints to provide a technical base for advanced blockchain workflows such as ethereum gas pre-funding. Sending a request to an asynchronous endpoint always results in a quick API response containing the status location of the asynchronous process. After a quick validation, WaaS enqueues the API request to be processed in the background and continues to update the corresponding status endpoint GET request/:id throughout the lifetime of the background process.

Currently supported asynchronous endpoints are POST eth/wallet/:wallet/send-async and POST eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/send-async.

Ethereum Gas Tank

We added a new configuration setting tangany-use-gas-tank that will cause automatic pre-funding of mandatory ethereum transaction fees to the tx-initiating wallet for all participating WaaS subscriptions. This feature enables wallets to interact with smart contracts such as ERC-standardized tokens on public ethereum networks without the necessity of holding any actual Ether balance.

Both POST eth/wallet/:wallet/send-async and POST eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/send-async support the Gas Tank HTTP header.

Universal Ethereum Smart Contract Writing

In addition to the already existing option to execute arbitrary write-access smart contract methods employing the data field via POST eth/wallet/:wallet/send and POST eth/wallet/:wallet/send-async, we added the new endpoint POST eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/send-async, that supports calling write-access smart contract methods using an ABI-like body configuration.

While the data approach does require the body smart contract method and the supplied arguments to be encoded into a hexadecimal string, this new endpoint accepts the desired method and arguments in a simple, human-readable syntax.

An additional API endpoint for calling read-access smart contract methods will be added in a future release.

Signing API

Both the ethereum and bitcoin signing endpoints POST eth/contract/:contract/:wallet/sign and POST btc/contract/:contract/:wallet/sign are now generally available for creating valid, signed transaction hashes that can be manually transmitted to compatible blockchain networks at a later stage. The ethereum signing endpoint is compatible with the custom RPC node customization header tangany-ethereum-network and enables users of ethereum RPC-compatible networks to benefit from Tangany custody services using private node infrastructure.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Feature: Support new HTTP header tangany-ethereum-gas-price to enforce a custom gas price for an ethereum transaction

  • Bugfix: Fix affinity cookie handling for Bitcoin endpoints

  • Bugfix: Limit allowed decimal places for transactions amount parameter based on current chain


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