Interview with neoFIN

Philipp Sandor

Senior Manager Sales & Business Development, Tangany

Tangany: A wonderful good day Patrick, we are happy to have you as our guest today. Before we jump right into it, why don’t you tell a bit more about yourself and describe your blockchain journey so far.

neoFIN: Thank you very much for having me here today, of course:

I am Patrick Schütze, founder and CEO of neoFIN Hamburg GmbH. My professional background has been in financial services for over 20 years. So the interest in innovative asset classes is in my blood. In this respect, there was no way around the blockchain for me — first via cryptocurrencies, then by issuing participation models in infrastructure projects and also in relation to mining. As soon as the tokenisation of assets became apparent, I was hooked. It was clear to me that it represents a paradigm shift in the financial markets that will lead to a revolution in existing structures. And it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of it from the beginning. And so, after 15 years of self-employment, I went back into the start-up phase and founded neoFIN Hamburg GmbH in April 2019.

Tangany: It is so nice to see, that people like you know classical systems by heart and now see new technologies to really create value in the future. In a nutshell, can you tell me what you guys do?

neoFIN: We support capital-seeking companies with tokenised capital market issues and accompany them through the entire process, all the way to distribution and investor acquisition. Our focus is on classic tangible assets, which we bring into the digital world. Another focus is sustainability. For us, ESG investments are not a trend, but the future.

Tangany: Very important point, we could not agree more. If we talk about your services, who gets to enjoy them?

neoFIN: A bit of everything — we have three target groups: private and institutional investors, issuers and distributors currently mostly from Europe. However, Asia is of course also possible if some framework conditions are met by the issuers.

Tangany: It is great to hear that really a wide range of companies and people are having a great benefit from neoFIN.

Since our joint partnership between neoFIN, Cashlink and Tangany has also led to great successes: What are your expectations for our partnership?

neoFIN: We already worked together on our first Security Token Offering, the Green Ship Token for the Hamburg shipping company Vogemann. This STO was issued on the platform of iVE.ONE. In the meantime, we have built our own platform, which we will use to handle our upcoming STOs and since we were very satisfied with the cooperation, we will of course continue it with our solution.

Tangany: There is a lot more to come, great! Can you tell where the Tangany Custody Suite has been a real help?

neoFIN: The majority of our investors and distributors have not yet been dealing with cryptoassets before registering on our platform. Wallets are therefore almost never available. We were looking for a way to offer our customers a simple, transparent solution that fits smoothly into the subscription process and does not overburden users technically. This is exactly what we achieve with the Tangany Custody Suite.

Tangany: Thanks, we are more than happy to support with our technology wherever we can. Where do you see challenges not only now but in the future as well?

neoFIN: Even more than services, we are concerned with progressive regulation and legislation. Which we support in principle, no question. But we all talk about the fact that basically all assets can be tokenised. That may also be true for real estate, watches or classic cars. But in our specific area of digital securities, it is not yet the case. While bonds can already be tokenised, this is not yet possible for shares, for example. The Electronic Securities Act (eWPG) lays the foundation for the digitalisation of securities law. But electronic shares do not yet exist. We would like to see more simplicity and clarity here. Tokenised securities vs. crypto securities, central securities registrars vs. decentralised crypto securities registrars — this is not only confusing for outsiders.

Tangany: There are a lot of open question marks but we all are excited where legislation and regulation will go. And when talking about future challenges and technologies, what are you most excited about?

neoFIN: In our business model, clearly tokenisation and the associated further development of opportunities in our field, as already described in the last question. But DeFi is of course also an exciting topic, also with regards to secondary markets. In general, however, I am of course looking forward to everything, these are totally exciting times and it is great to be part of this transition.

Tangany: Absolutely. Last but not least: What are the next steps for you and neoFIN and how will you get there?

neoFIN: At the moment we are preparing the next two Security Token Offerings, which will go online on Q1 2022. In parallel, we are holding talks for further new assets that meet our criteria (tangible assets with a sustainable approach). In 2022, we will lay the foundation for a “series production”, which, however, will never become a mass production at STO. We want to retain the boutique character with a manageable number of issuers and the corresponding personal support. Therefore we are always looking for strong distribution partners who understand the power of tokenization as an opportunity and think outside the box. We are also open to new partnerships in order to be able to cover the complete value chain around tokenized assets in the long term.

Tangany: Patrick, thank you very much for your time. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to the future.

neoFIN: Thanks to you, we are looking forward to further good cooperation!







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