Hyphe, Tangany and Trever collaborate on all-in-one digital assets solution, Launchpad

Tim Schuster

Marketing Manager, Tangany

Launchpad partnership drastically reduces time-to-market for institutions, combining digital asset trading, custody and order management in a single solution.

MUNICH & GRAZ, February 27, 2024 - Hyphe, Trever, and Tangany a trio of digital asset service and technology providers, have created Launchpad, an out-of-the-box trading, custody, order and treasury management solution enabling financial institutions to quickly launch their own products and services in this important new asset class. Hyphe’s German subsidiary, Hyphe Markets GmbH, which is licensed by the country’s financial regulator, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), will handle liquidity provision and trading, while Austria-headquartered Trever will cover order and treasury management, and customer bookkeeping, combining forces to make digital asset provision simple, seamless, and safe. Munich-based fintech, Tangany, also BaFin-licensed, will act as custodian. Financial institutions keen to launch a new digital asset product or service face various challenges likely to slow down the process. Trading, custody and order and treasury management require distinct skill sets. Selecting the right vendors, onboarding and integrating them, and then managing the suite operationally can strain internal resources and impact time-to-market —all important in a rapidly-maturing sector.

Launchpad provides a simple, safe, and seamless solution, enabling institutions to quickly roll out their own digital asset products and services. The Launchpad partnership covers each essential part of the operating model, boosting efficiency of set-up via a single tech integration with Trever, but also delivering rapid scalability in a growing market. Each partner will maintain their regular solutions based on individual requirements, complemented by Launchpad, a convenient and efficient product designed for clients in need of a ready-to-go solution. To ensure a banking-grade experience, liquidity provision and custody are BaFin-supervised, so the entire solution is already compatible with the EU’s upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCAR).

Dolf Diederichsen, CEO of Hyphe: “We’re excited to announce Launchpad, a solution which gets institutional trading up and running quickly. By taking care of the difficulty via partnership, we can offer banks, brokers and asset managers a scalable solution in one third of the time, which is essential in a world where digital assets are gaining more ground with investors by the day.”

 Martin Kreitmair, CEO of Tangany: “Custody is a major hurdle for institutions looking to offer digital asset trading. They have legitimate concerns around secure storage and management, and need solutions that can meet their standards. Our role in the Launchpad partnership is to exceed those expectations by delivering banking-grade safety and security, alongside super-efficient trading and settlement integration behind-the-scenes.”

Hans-Jürgen Griesbacher, CEO of Trever: “Financial institutions require a management system that addresses all banking-relevant operational needs. Trever’s role is to provide such a system for order and treasury management, as well as bookkeeping with the integration of the trading venue and the custodian. The client benefits from a centralised internal system that covers the full digital asset lifecycle.”

About Tangany

Tangany is an innovative fintech company based in Munich and regulated by BaFin. Tangany offers a market-leading B2B solution for the custody of digital assets on blockchain protocols (e.g. cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, NFTs) as well as a crypto securities registry. The solution is used by more than 50 institutional clients, including banks, trading platforms, industrial companies and fintechs. Customers are enabled to use blockchain technology easily and reliably by integrating modern APIs into their systems. This white-labelled solution significantly reduces the cost and time of in-house development, enabling faster time-to-market and greater focus on proprietary products and services. Tangany's crypto custody and crypto securities registry licence also covers regulatory requirements if required.

About Trever

Trever is the leading banking infrastructure as a service provider specializing in digital assets. Founded in 2019, the company provides institutional-grade solutions for trading, transfer and management of digital assets. The Trever Digital Asset Management System is enabling financial institutions such as banks (prop traders, financial commissioners), and brokers to offer digital assets (i.e., Cryptocurrencies) to their clients. The holistic and modular end-to-end solution covers all digital asset key processes including order-, treasury- & risk management as well as bookkeeping and reporting. With its forward-looking and innovative software solutions, the company sees itself as an enabler of a future digital capital market infrastructure.


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