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Enabling Blockchain Tech

Many Blockchain projects do not deliver the security and usability level which is needed to be successful. Blockchain can be very challenging with its high complexity, fragmented tools and regulatory requirements. Tangany offers a Custody Blockchain Infrastructure to overcome this hurdles for real and enjoyable Blockchain-based applications and systems.

Regulatory Safety (AML & GDPR)

Modern Active Insurance Coverage

100% Made in Germany

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Digital Assets, Coins & Security Tokens


The energy sector is changing rapidly. The world moves to renewable energy sources and individuals start to not only consume electricity but also to produce it. The increasing complexity in this industry can be faced by using Blockchain. Blockchain can be the base for a fair, green and smart energy world.

Smart Energy (DERs)
Green Credit Trading
Renewables Financing
Energy Marketplaces


Loyalty systems are widely used in today’s societies. People earn and collect points which can be redeemed for benefits and discounts. As many of those systems are still paper-based, Blockchain is the perfect layer to tokenize those points to create smart points which can be stored without paper and even traded.

Loyalty Points
Reward Systems
Exclusive Perks

Gaming & Gambling

The innovative strength of the gaming industry is high. That’s why this sector is leveraging Blockchain like no other sector. This natural match is perfectly used by tokenization of In-Game assets like items and currencies. Assets can be used across games and traded by the players, which means that developer studios are generating new revenue sources.

Video Games

Tokenized Items
Cross-Game Usage
Collector Sets


Blockchain reaches wide beyond economical borders. Governments all over the world are looking into the possibilities of Distributed Ledger Technologies. China has announced to release the Crypto-Renminbi, while other nations are looking how Blockchain can help to create tamper-safe certificates and testimonies or how it can be used to establish modern exchanges for e.g. CO2 certificate trading.

Document Validiation

Petition Systems
Certificate Exchanges
Own Crypto Currency

Your Use Case Is Not Listed?

No worries! We simply can’t list all possible Blockchain use cases as there are too many. 

Our Custody Infrastructure solution is designed to be compatible with nearly all systems, use cases and industries. We are happy to discuss your’s after you have reached out to us.

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Reach out to our to sales team to learn more about the capability of Tangany. Our solution works in any sector and for all use cases. We show you how you can save months of development time and also project budget. It can be so easy.

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