The European Market Leader for Custody.

White-labelled Tech meets Compliance

Tangany Custody Suite is the symbioses of sophisticated technology with full regulatory compliance. 

Regulatory Safety (AML & GDPR)

Modern Active Insurance Coverage

100% Made in Germany

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Cloud First: Unlimited Scalability



Binance Smart Chain

Polygon (Matic)

Tokenization is about Eco-systems

The mission of asset tokenization requires a strong eco-system of partners and specialists. 


We have partnered up with major European tokenization providers. They are offering a full software solution from token creation to distribution. Empowered by Tangany’s Custody solution.


If you are going to develop your own solution, our API-based approach is exactly what you were looking for. Design your tokenization website freely from any boundaries. Consider blockchain-tasks done by using us.

Ethereum Blockchain Features

Ethereum is de-facto standard for tokenized assets on blockchain. And we have the tools you need for that.

Support of all Smart Contracts

It doesn’t matter whether you are using ERC20 or ERC777 tokens or even customized smart contracts. We offer universal support for all kind of smart contracts.

Gas Tank for Ethereum​

Use our Ethereum Gas Tank to empower token transactions from wallets without Ether. Our Gas Tank will automatically fuel your wallet up to pay network fees.

Nonce Handling for Ethereum ​

Send as many transactions from a single wallet as needed. We take care of the nonce issue and make sure, that no transaction is skipped on Ethereum.

Full Explorer for Events & Wallets​

The Ethereum explorer API works with Elastic Search and allows to read the history of wallets, events and smart contracts. Get all transactions of a specific wallet or create your unique search query.

Powerful Node Infrastructure​

All nodes (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) are operated and maintained by us. That way, we are able to guarantee a high availability without bottlenecks.

Set Custom Network Fee

Our system automatically sets the network fee for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains. If you are required to set it yourself, you can do so for every transaction.

Master and Investor Wallets

Issue your tokens initially in your master wallet and distribute tokens in accordance with the investor’s purchases .

Full Ethereum Explorer

The Ethereum explorer works with Elastic Search and allows to read the history of wallets, events and smart contracts. Get all transactions of a specific wallet or create your unique search query.

Talk to our tokenization team

Reach out to our to finance team to learn more about the capability of Tangany.  

Tangany Custody Suite

As a service company, we design solutions tailored to your needs. The services below show what we can provide to you.

100% Made in Germany

Tangany Custody Solution is designed and developed in Germany at our headquarter in Munich. 

Highest Security HSM

All digital assets are stored within HSM-secured wallets. The HSMs are certified by FIPS140-2 which guarantees highest security. 

Warm and Cold Wallets

Create as many warm wallets as required. No limits: 10, 1000 or 100,000 – you decide. Combine it with our cold wallet solution for added security.

Omnisbus Architecture

Store your customers funds within a few central wallets and keep track of their shares with our off-chain ledger. 

Multi-Tenant Capable

To reflect modern business structures our solution is able to create sub-accounts. 

White-label Wallet and API

Leverage our wallet in your CI-colors and branding for your customers. A full working online wallet – or decide to use our API.

Best-in-class Support

We work hand in hand with our partners. Experience high-level support for all questions. 24/7 or 5/8, it’s up to you.

Cloud First, Always

We are convinced that cloud is the future of finance. Hence, our solution follows the cloud-first approach. 

White-Label Investor Wallet

Our white-label wallet enables you to sell tokens to your first investors easily – without developing anything. Get your fully branded wallet for you and your investors. The wallet provides all required features such as custody and transaction sending. It can manage Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and of course your tokens.

Your German/EU Partner for Custody

We help non-German or non-EU partners to enter the German/EU market compliantly. Tangany can be your regulated custodian for the European market. 

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