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Tangany Custody Suite

The suite has a modular design which allows our clients to only use required products.

Blockchain Without Development






Binance Smart Chain

Polygon (Matic)

And all EVM-compatible blockchains such as xDAI, Avalanche, Tomo Chain, Huobi Eco, Celo and Poa Network.

Warm Wallets

API Solution (Wallet as a Service)

The API is our powerful solution to integrate blockchain wallets into any system. Leverage Wallet as a Service to bring digital assets to your customers. It’s a scalable, reliable and easy-to-use blockchain API.

Please refer for more information to our API documentation and our quick tutorial (30 minutes).

The unified API is designed for the best usability and simplification in order for a smooth and fast integration into legacy and new systems. The API enables clients to create and store wallets, to receive and send transactions or cryptocurrencies and to read balances. 

There is no limit in regards of the number of wallets per client. Our clients can generate as many wallets as they desire. Usually those wallets are assigned to their users and customers.

The wallets can also be used to work and interact with Private Blockchains. For more info see  our module ‘Blockchain as a Service’ 

All Private Keys are safely generated and stored within our Hardware Security Module (HSM). The HSM is certified by FIPS140-2, which is an US-standard for bank-level security. Private Key can’t be extracted from the HSM. Neither Tangany nor our clients can read the Private Keys. 

White-label Frontend

Software development ressources are always limited. That is why we have created our ready-to-use frontend wallet. The wallet can be fully customized into your branding (that includes URL, name, tokens and CI-colors). Your customers are able to easily sign-up and to use your wallet.

The wallet is based on top of our API and supports Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and all ERC20 tokens. View the demo wallet.

As the wallet is based on our API, there are no limitation of wallets. 

Your customers can self-signup for your wallet. It is also possible that you share new accounts with your customers. In that case, the customers have to reset the password after the first login.

The domain of the wallet can be fully customized (e.g. wallet.yourdomain.com). 

If you got already a strong user base and want to use existing user credentials, we are able to import them accordingly. This usually takes some extra time for the one-time deployment.

The wallets can be used for any use case. However, we see a high demand for tokenization projects that have to provide a wallet quickly to their first investors. 

In the meanwhile, our API can be used to create the final product without any hurry.

Cold Wallets

Bitcoin Multi-Signature

Cold Wallets provide added security for digital assets. Our Bitcoin Multi-Signature cold wallet service leverages three wallets whereas two are required to sign a transaction (usually the client and Tangany). The third wallet is safely deposited. All three wallets are hardware wallets.

As Multi-Signature is a solution on the Bitcoin blockchain, that kind of solution is kind of limited to Bitcoin. For other cryptocurrencies we are offering Multi-Wallet Custody.

Transactions are only triggered by the client. Once, we receive the request our team will verify the request accordingly before confirmation. The verification process is designed for security by ensuring a good user experience. 

If the client loses his wallet, we are able to deposit all assets to a new wallet by using the third wallet which is safely stored and only used in case the client has lost his wallet. 

Clients can deposit assets automatically and at any time. Withdrawals are done manually and once a day after verified requests.

Multi-Wallet Custody

Multi-Wallet Custody offers the possibility to store all kinds of digital assets on a cold wallet solution. Tangany is the only entity that has acces to the wallet. 

There is usually only one wallet per client.

All cold wallet products follow a strict authorization process before any transaction is made. The detailled process is shared before the client purchases the product.

All assets are stored on hardware wallets.

Usually, transactions are done once a day.


Full Nodes for BTC & ETH

Tangany maintains its own node infrastructure to major blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our node cluster ensures highest stability and availability by using our innovative load balancer. This service is included in all wallet products. 

The system supports the Bitcoin and the testnet. All created wallets are using SegWit by default and on transaction multiple recipients can be defined. Other Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin are available upon request.

The system supports Ethereum mainnet and testnet ropsten. It also supports all kinds of smart contracts, including the extended defintion of ERC20 tokens which are usually used to create custom tokens. Other ERC-standards (like ERC721 or ERC1400) can also be used.

Tether can be used with ERC20 smart contract. Tether has migrated due to performance reasons like lower fees and faster transactions. The original system based on the Omni Layer on Bitcoin is about to become legacy technology. For more information please see the official Tether Statement.

Private Blockchains

We deploy and maintain private blockchains based on Ethereum or Quorum (Blockchain as a Service)​. This service is mostly used for tokenization or supply chain projects. Our experts help you to figure out whether a private blockchain fits your project.

We usually recommend using three nodes whereas at least one is not maintained by Tangany.

There is no development required on the client’s side. Tangany handles the deployment, maintaining and connection to our Warm Wallets and API.

Private Blockchains can provide various advantages compared to Public Blockchains. Some benefits might be:

  • Low or no transaction fees
  • Increased privacy level
  • Ability to modify the Blockchain
  • Easier usage  within applications


Tangany Account Manager (TAM)

It’s a powerful internal tool which enables your account manager at Tangany to manage your account settings. This also allows the Tangany support team to easily execute any requests.

Optional features (e.g. Ethereum explorer) can be easily added or removed from your subscription.

TAM allows our support team to pause your account in case there is any security risk.

Regulatory Compliance

Tangany has applied for German ‘crypto custody license’ and is currently supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as a crypto custody provider pursuant to Section 64y German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz). Our clients usually do not have to apply for the license themselves.

Most of our clients are using the full Tangany Custody Suite, that includes regulatory compliance as long as Tangany is the regulated entity. 

It doesn’t matter where you are located at. We are able to provide tech and regulatory compliance to enter the German and EU market properly.

The license is required before targeting the German market with a crypto-asset related product. As Tangany aims to obtain this license as one of the first players in Germany, we are able to provide compliance to our clients.

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