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What does Tangany mean?

Tangany is a combination of the two words tang and any. Tang has been a Chinese dynasty from the 7 to 10 century and is known nowadays as the inventors of paper money. Back then it was still a decentralized system as every region was able to print. It took several more centuries until paper money was officially introduced to the people in Europe and the rest of the world. The second word 'any' represents that everyone worldwide can use the product with no limits. In this spirit, Tangany aims to help and contribute to the next step of money evolution by providing easy-to-use technology for blockchain-based assets. 

How is Tangany pronounced?

Tangany is pronounced very fluently. Like a gentle wave on the ocean.
Phonetic transcription: ti-eɪ-ɛn-ʤi-eɪ-ɛn-ɪ


TITANKEY has been the former name of Tangany. The name has been changed in October 2018 due of several reasons. We are still TITANs in the depths of our hearts.

Where is the company based?

Tangany is a global project and therefore our employees are distributed worldwide. There is no need to work at the headquarter which is based in Munich, Germany. We believe in remote work. Most of our employees and partners are from within the European Union. If you want to be a part of the story, feel free to contact us

Who can use Tangany Wallet?

Tangany Wallet consists of two components. The enterprise solution is marketed as "Wallet as a Service" and can be integrated into all products. The wallet for private customers runs under the name "Cloud Wallet" and can be used by them for free.

Where can I sign-up/create an account?

The technology behind the wallet is still under development. Therefore, access to the system is still extremely limited. 
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If you are looking for such a technology, contact us and let us evaluate a potential use of Tangany.

Who has access to the private keys (pk)?

Tangany is developed with the ambition that all customers have the highest possible self-determination. This means that individuals can view and read their private keys and can also see which other entities have access to the private keys. Businesses decide whether they want to own the private keys of their own customers or not. Tangany as a provider also has access to the private keys to provide innovative functionalities to customers. The private keys are stored up according to the best known scientific concepts.

What technical limits and requirements are there?

Our Wallet-as-a-Service product can be used on any software, app, website or other systems. At the beginning, Tangany will work via a browser plugin, which will be inherited by another technology. Tangany s suitable for any software which is seeking Blockchain integration.
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Tangany develops innovative and unique blockchain wallet solutions for businesses and individuals to make the blockchain more accessible to everyone.

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