Release Notes 1.3

We updated WaaS to version 1.3 featuring improvements targeting our customers demands as well as introducing many under the hood enhancements to our service.

WaaS is following the semantic versioning specification. The new release contains no breaking changes to the previous versions hence no modifications to existing implementations are required for our customers to continue using our service.

Please find the highlights of the release below.

Release Notes 1.3

  • General
    • Enhance security and service reliability by rolling out a high-performance full-nodes backend infrastructure for all our supported blockchains eliminating dependencies from all third parties in processing blockchain transactions
    • Add support for session stickiness to enhance the usability of high transaction frequency wallets. During the session lifetime, persistence with a single backend node is established which eliminates pooling conflicts for enqueued transactions (e.g. issues with duplicate nonces)
    • Enable support for HTTP method HEAD for compatible endpoints
    • Add request-based metadata to response headers to validate WaaS configuration values
    • Harden overall security and service usability
  • Ethereum
    • Add data field for sending and querying arbitrary data payloads
    • Enable tangany-ethereum-tx-confirmations configuration header to evaluate the transaction validity. Default block confirmations amount for a confirmed transaction is raised to 1 block
    • Introduce status field to determine the status of transaction life cycle. Unknown transactions do no longer trigger a 404 server response but instead yield unknown status
  • Bitcoin
    • Improve the overall response time for sending from wallets with a large transaction history
    • Add the transaction inclusion block to the transaction status via the blockNr field

Refer to our updated documentation for more details on the updated topics. We wish all our customers a pleasant festive season and a successful start for the next year. 

If you have any questions or features requests feel free to reach out to our team at

Alexey is one of the Co-founders of Tangany and our Tech Lead.
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