Interview with inVenture

A partnership and promising opportunities for the future

Tangany: Alexander, a very good day to you. We are happy to welcome you as a guest today. Before we get right into it, please tell us a bit more about yourself and describe your blockchain journey so far.

inVenture: Thank you very much for having me here today. My name is Alexander, and I am a Co-Founder of inVenture. At inVenture, I’m responsible for legal and finance. My blockchain journey began a few years ago with my first bitcoin investment. This is probably how most blockchain journeys start. In preparation for founding inVenture, we spent months looking for a way to democratize venture capital until we realized that tokenization could solve this problem. With the founding of inVenture, my affinity for the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts and other crypto fields then grew quickly. Today, the crypto world has become an essential part of my life.

Tangany: It is always nice to hear that people like you dare to realize new projects. Perhaps you’ll just tell us what you are doing at inVenture.

inVenture: Sure. The tokenization of alternative asset classes progresses continuously. Today, there are already numerous successful projects regarding art, vintage cars, luxury watches and real estate. Tokenization brings liquidity into illiquid assets and enables fractional ownership which lastly drives the democratization of the financial markets. With inVenture, we are providing access to the asset class venture capital. Venture capital funds offer an unique risk-return profile and an additional opportunity for diversification. However, investments in VC funds are only possible usually starting from six or seven figures and therefore only accessible to very wealthy people and institutional investors. Using blockchain technology, we are now the first platform in Germany that provides access to venture capital funds for retail investors starting with investments from 2.500 €

Tangany: That is really cool. When you talk about inVenture investors, who are you referring to?

inVenture: We are a B2C platform that connects retail investors and VC funds. Our offer is targeting investors with ticket sizes starting at €2,500. The typical investor has prior investment experience and is interested in long-term wealth accumulation. For example, investors already have experience with common financial products such as stocks and ETFs and are now looking for alternative investment opportunities.

Tangany: Very good to know, thank you. Are you, as a German company, also operating outside of Germany with your product offering?

inVenture: Currently, we are focusing on the German market. We act as a tied agent of Effecta GmbH, which provides us with the licenses for distribution within Germany. In the medium term, we will extend our product offering across borders. Our vision is to become a fully comprehensive venture capital platform for investors. The next fund we provide access to within the next few weeks will is also highly renowned.

Tangany: We are excited to see where your journey will go. Having a close partnership, what are your expectations about our collaboration? And can you tell where the Tangany Custody Suite has been of support to you?

inVenture: Tangany is an early supporter of inVenture and has emerged as a reliable partner. Especially in rapidly changing spaces like the blockchain world, it is essential to have access to a network of powerful partners. The blockchain provides a secure, transparent, and cost-effective opportunity to issue digital securities. And this is exactly where Tangany supports us with the provision of wallets to store the digital securities (tokens) of our investors securely. By providing custodial wallets for our investors, Tangany can store our investors’ tokens in a very convenient way and ensure a high level of security. The big advantage is that Tangany manages the tokens on behalf of the investors. This means that investors no longer need to worry about their keys.

Tangany: We are glad to support you with our technology wherever we can. When talking about technologies, which services next to custody and tokenization do you see as relevant in the future and what are you most excited about?

inVenture: Tokenization and custody form the foundation for blockchain-based securities. The next logical step is the development of reliable infrastructure to efficiently trade these security tokens. I am most excited about Layer 2 Solutions. What is often criticized about Bitcoin and Ethereum is the lack of scalability. However, what many people often neglect is that with an increase in scalability, the security of the respective network inevitably suffers as well. While reliability and security should be given by nature, it is especially important in the financial industry. So why should you use a network that you can’t trust one hundred percent? This is exactly where Layer 2’s offer a solution. With the help of Layer 2 Solutions, the problem of scalability can be solved without neglecting security and thus significantly helps to democratize financial markets.

Tangany: Many thanks for your great closing words and for being here today. We are looking forward to future projects together and to our continued successful partnership!

inVenture: Thank you for your great support and our partnership.

Philipp Sandor
Philipp Sandor
Philipp combines his enthusiasm and passion for blockchain technology with his knowledge around the traditional financial industry. At Tangany, he takes care of sales and business development as a manager. Besides Blockchain, Philipp loves playing golf and soccer.
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