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Time moves past. Like in the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ and it’s summarizing episode ‘The Journey So Far’ (season 6), we want to share our impressions, progresses and evolutions since the start. Beforehand, we did not encounter any zombie attacks on this journey, but we had our own challenges to face and to sort them out. And there is always a way to succeed. 

Since the start of the project in July 2017, a lot has changed. The complete blockchain ecosystem has gone up and down like on a rollercoaster ride and so did the overall temper in the scene. This is a good moment to remember that the price of Bitcoin, Ether and all the other cryptocurrencies are not related to the underlying technology of Blockchain. Blockchain as technology is steadily evolving and so are the number of active developers and tests within the global economy. Our project was initially named TITANKEY, which perfectly reflected our business idea. With time, the idea itself has evolved into something new, something more. There is little left was has been there in 2017. TITANKEY went on to establish a new way of how transactions based on public keys were made and how the user’s were managing their keys.
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