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Tangany Infrastructure Suite

Our innovative solution suite contains many features which are highly needed for the most of all Blockchain projects. You decide which of our four modules you want to use. It’s fully flexible and up to you.

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Wallet as a Service (WaaS)

Blockchain Custody Wallet as a Service is the core of our product suite. This enables clients to integration Blockchain via our easy and unified API into legacy and new systems. WaaS is a mandatory core product.

The unified API is designed for the best usability and simplification in order for a smooth and fast integration into legacy and new systems. The API enables clients to create and store wallets, to receive and send transactions or cryptocurrencies and to read balances. 

There is no limit in regards of the number of wallets per client. Our clients can generate as many wallets as they desire. Usually those wallets are assigned to their users and customers.

The wallets can also be used to work and interact with Private Blockchains. For more info see  our module ‘Blockchain as a Service’ 

All Private Keys are safely generated and stored within our Hardware Security Module (HSM). The HSM is certified by FIPS140-2, which is an US-standard for bank-level security. Private Key can’t be extracted from the HSM. Neither Tangany nor our clients can read the Private Keys. 

The node infrastructure secures a stable connection to various Public Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Tangany manages the operation and maintenance of all nodes.

The system supports the Bitcoin and the testnet. All created wallets are using SegWit by default and on transaction multiple recipients can be defined. Other Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin are available upon request.

The system supports Ethereum mainnet and testnet ropsten. It also supports all kinds of smart contracts, including the extended defintion of ERC20 tokens which are usually used to create custom tokens. Other ERC-standards (like ERC721 or ERC1400) can also be used.

Tether can be used with ERC20 smart contract. Tether has migrated due to performance reasons like lower fees and faster transactions. The original system based on the Omni Layer on Bitcoin is about to become legacy technology. For more information please see the official Tether Statement.

Offline Custody Wallet

This module enables clients to store great amounts of cryptocurrencies even more secure on an offline custodian wallet, which is management by our banking partner. 

Clients can deposit assets automatically and at any time. Withdrawals are done manually and once a day after verified requests.

Each client will be assigned one wallets per cryptocurrency.

We are not yet able to disclosure our institutional partner. If you are interested in our custody wallet module, we are happy to discuss further details with you and our European-based partner.

For compatibility reasons the custody wallet will always support all cryptocurrencies which are also supported with our Wallet as a Service. After request it may be possible to store even other assets.

Regulation (KYC)

The European Union and its member-states have put various regulatory-laws in place over the last months and years. This module provides the most needed services.

Note: this module will be available soon (request more information).

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a globally used method to validate owner and sender of assets to prevent money laundering. This usually includes at least the name, address and some other basic information. 

The module is provided by a third partner partner of Tangany, who is specialized at user verification and regulation. The service is fully integrated in our API and can therefore easily be used without any hassle.

The provides KYC service is fully EU compliant and can be used within most of the European countries. In case of further legal consulting please contact your legal body.

There are a lot of services which can help to simplify regulatory tasks. Tangany aims to integrate more services over the time such as taxation reports for users.

From 2020 all EU member-states are obligated to follow the 5th edition of AML. Germany will launch a new license type for ‘Custodian Wallet Providers’. That license is needed to address German users and citizens.

Reach out to us to learn more and how Tangany can help you to minimize expenditures to comply with regulation.

Blockchain as a Service

Run your own Private Blockchain for specified use cases. Tangany will create and maintain the Blockchain for you. You can easily integrate the Blockchain via our Wallet as a Service into your system.

Private Blockchains can provide various advantages compared to Public Blockchains. Some benefits might be:

  • Low or no transaction fees
  • Increased privacy level
  • Ability to modify the Blockchain
  • Easier usage  within applications

The Wallet as a Service can dock to nearly all Private Blockchains. The most popular one is a Private Ethereum instance due to its similarity to Ethereum.


  • creates a new Private Blockchain (according to the specification)
  • connects the Blockchain to our Wallet as a Service
  • maintains the Blockchain (upgrades, new nodes, etc.)

The Private Blockchain can either be hosted with one of the global major cloud service providers or on the client’s own infrastructure. Often, it is recommended to use a cloud service to avoid high maintaining and service costs and to easily add further nodes in case needed.

Integration Service

Integration Service is not a technical module of the product suite. Tangany’s experts consult you in all questions about our product and how Blockchain can and shall be used in the best-possible way.

The service can only be used by new and existing product clients. As the consulting team has seen a lot of different use cases and industries we are able to provide a large knowledge and experience with Blockchain in companies and corporates.

Tangany’s integration specialists help you to record and evaluate existing technical infrastructure and then to carry out a potential analysis. This is followed by an analysis by our experts who identify possible solutions how to integrate Blockchain into your legacy system in a meaningful and secure way.

Tangany’s tech consulting team will assist you in integrating the Tangany API into your existing application. With our support, you will be able to drive an enhanced customer experience for your application. This service is covered by the setup fee. Yet, for some projects, there is a need of extended support.

In our individual workshops, we discuss the functionality, possibilities and areas of Blockchain applications. We also evaluate first possible approaches and ideas for using Blockchain in order to generate the best results. However, the exact content of the workshop depends on the level of experience (beginner to expert) of the participants.

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